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13 Changes To Daily Life Due To The Virus Covid-19




Within a few weeks, we all saw adaptations to cope with the Coronavirus, which has become a global pandemic. These adaptations include avoiding handshaking, maintaining the social distance between people, and dealing with hand washing more seriously. We see the kind of effect this virus will have on our culture, societies, and personal hygiene.

It is difficult to find a bright side to the virus outbreak. Still, one of these positives is that this period of global turmoil changed some of our unwanted health habits and contributed to improving our cleanliness forever, as well as our way of dealing with work and safety.  Here are 13 daily routines that can (and should) be changed forever once this crisis is over:

1- The handshakes will end 

One of the most visible changes in social norms since the outbreak of the Coruna virus is to avoid shaking hands, in this new era of the virus there will undoubtedly be a cultural shift in the way we greet each other.

2- There will be more hand sanitizers in public places

In the days following the virus outbreak, we saw more hand antiseptics available in offices, public, and recreational spaces. 

3- Our methods of meeting customers’ needs will improve

The outbreak of the Coronavirus forced people and institutions to form rapid response teams for clients that almost exceeded the same jobs, according to John Cleaver, author of “The career lattice,” on how to use job strategies, that “the situation after the virus is left to customers where employers have to invest in providing training. This includes extra and developing skills related to the issues that made its priority during the crisis.

4- Our relationship with restaurants may change

Eating out, or even take-out, is entirely different than it was a few weeks ago. According to “Johann Moonesinghe,” a restaurant finance expert and founder of the restaurant finance platform: “We are seeing an exciting change in how consumers interact with restaurants; Restaurants that require their guests to eat in are experiencing the largest decline in sales. While bakeries are crowded more than ever; And not only was the place where people frequented, but also what they ate. We have seen a significant increase in the sale of carbohydrates and sugar products.”

5- Some people will use bidets

Despite the simplicity of the idea to flush a home toilet, it has become increasingly popular over the past few years. The recent period since the virus has appeared, has seen a significant increase in sales, as well as research related to this product.

According to a representative of “TUSHY,” a company that makes interchangeable bidets; last week, it achieved ten times more sales than it had been before, which is more than double that of the company a year ago.

As a result, bidets have become more prevalent in American bathrooms. It is possible that we will continue to see this trend towards its use even after the virus has ended.

6- Allowing employees to work remotely

Teleworking has become common these days, as, after the outbreak of the virus, more companies have allowed their employees to do so. “Once the job organizations and their employees realize that work from home just became possible,” says Angela, director of content marketing at UPFLIP. It may even be more productive; Which could cause a big boom in the work culture from the office around the world.”

7- We will find another way to press the buttons

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, most of us were aware that many of the places we visit every day are loaded with germs, including ATMs, credit card scans at the grocery store, and elevator buttons.

According to Dr. Okeke-Igbokwe’s words: “People may start pressing elevator buttons with their elbows, or even something else like a pen instead of their fingers,” she adds: “Touching the keyboards with your fingers directly will be a behavior of the past.”

8- It may be the end of certain kinds of foods

Of course, the free food is delicious and great, but to be honest, popcorn dishes and nuts served in bars were doubtful for their cleanliness, moreover how many people who did not wash their hands and then helped themselves to these with their unclean hands.

Covid-19 outbreaks have led to more people thinking about eating outside these places. You will also notice that people avoid buffets and dining tables outside the home to avoid catching germs, and there will be more demand for preparing food safely and healthily at home.

9- People will take their personal space very seriously

One of the clear concepts and policies in the time of corona is the idea of ​​social separation. According to “Johns Hopkins”: the idea of social separation involves moving six feet away from other people. Although we may not see a six-foot base as a distance between individuals as scattered all over the place, it is likely to be more widespread later.

10- We will be more committed to washing our hands

If there is one thing that you hear over and over about preventing the spread of infection with the virus, which is that we should wash our hands as often as possible for 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer that contains no less than 60% alcohol if a sink and water are not available. To avoid spreading the virus, we will continue to maintain these good hand washing habits.

By the way, these habits are what needs to be done all the time. Perhaps this is one of the positive things that have emerged recently as more people realize the importance of washing hands and making it a habit.

11- You may stop entering crowded places

It always happens. To be late and get to the bus and find it incredibly crowded, or to ride the escalator and find it also full of people. However, after the USA has already started taking the Coronavirus seriously; some cities, including New York, have also issued guidelines for entering crowded places; Thus, there is a good chance people will reconsider placing themselves in a crowded subway car, now or in the future.

12- We will have a greater awareness of the concepts of public health

One of the most common situations is that there are still people who do not take the Coronavirus seriously and are not worried about it because it may not affect them. Yet, they overlook this point when they go to pubs or public picnic areas, so the goal of isolation and social estrangement is not only to protect yourself but others, making sure that you are not transmitting the virus to other people, especially those who are more at risk due to their old age or weakened immune system. Remember, it is possible for a person who is HIV positive to have no symptoms, and this does not prevent others from contracting it.

13- Schools and universities will become more ready for distance education

The effect of the virus on education has been apparent, as educational districts in major cities in America, such as New York City and Los Angeles, have been closed. Many universities have students and faculty complete their educational journey from home via the internet. An alternative plan has been developed in primary and secondary schools in anticipation of something like this happening again. It is expected that most schools will invest in more equipment and tools to transfer education in the classroom via the internet in the future.


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