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5 Steps To Avoid Signs Of Premature Skin Aging




Aging is a natural biological condition a person goes through, but the signs of aging that appear at a young age are not normal. These signs of premature aging are visible on the skin if not avoided with careful and regular care. Here are the most important steps you should take to protect your skin from the symptoms of premature aging, including wrinkles, sagging and dryness …

1. Watch The Direction

What we mean by this is when applying make-up or cream, we randomly distribute it on the face in the wrong direction which affect skin elasticity and firmness. When applying a care or foundation cream, you should start from the bottom of the face and work your way to the top. In this way, you contribute to tightening the skin and protecting it from sagging.

2. Alternating Water Temperature

When washing your face, be sure to use cold water and hot water for 3 minutes each. This way you contribute to stimulating blood circulation in the face and get rid of the problem of broad pores. Also, the alternation between the water temperature gives the complexion a bright color.

3. Prevention And Then Prevention

Whether in summer or winter, do not leave the house before applying protection cream. It aims not only to protect the skin from sunlight, but also from all harmful environmental factors. It is more like a protective shield against UV rays that damage the skin.

4. Skin Peeling

Get rid of accumulated dirt and dead skin. One of the basic reasons to keep the skin dry is that it helps to get rid of the dirt that has accumulated and dead skin that cleaning creams are unable to remove. When applying exfoliating cream, be sure to massage the skin with smooth circular movements that help stimulate blood circulation and stimulate the collagen production process.

5. Food

Who said that your diet has nothing to do with the freshness of the skin? Everything in the body starts from the inside, so what you eat will be reflected in your inner and outer health, and also on your hair and skin. It is important for your diet to be rich in ingredients necessary to fight the appearance of wrinkles, foremost of which are foods rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and omega.


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