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How To Keep Foundation From Changing Its Color




How do you keep foundation from changing its color? Have you ever noticed that your foundation has changed its color to orange? Not to worry, this is normal and is called oxidant foundation. You may be wondering how to keep your foundation from changing its color to orange while applied to your face. Let’s find out…

Oxidation is a strange and incomprehensible problem in the world of beauty and makeup, as it appears to depend entirely on the type of skin, the foundation used, and the skincare routine.

Many experience this problem, and some experts say this is due to the solvent with the cream that evaporates on your skin, causing the color to change to become darker on your face.

Some also suggest that the skin oils or oil you use may be the main factor; because these oils mix with oxygen in the air and cause the process of oxidation.

Tricks to prevent the color of the foundation from changing to orange:

Put a little bit of the foundation cream on the inside of your wrist and leave it there all day, if it changes color to orange after several hours, avoid using it.

Choose the right foundation for your skin type

If you have dry skin, apply foundation with oils and moisturizers.

If you have oily skin, choose an oil-free foundation, which mainly focuses on water.

If you have mixed skin, choose a foundation that contains moisturizing and oil-free ingredients at the same time.

Using a primer is one of the important steps that will help in not changing the color of the foundation when applied to your skin.

The primer absorbs the remaining oils in the skin and creates a buffer layer between the skin and the foundation.

Avoid using your fingers when applying foundation to your skin to ensure that they does not interact with your face, and thus change the color to orange.

One of the important things to remember when applying make-up is to remove dry oils from the skin before applying your foundation.


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