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How To Get A Girl Interested In You




One of the questions that keep young men puzzled is about a girl’s feelings.  “What do I do to get a girl interested in me?” To answer this difficult question, you should know that a girl’s heart is difficult to reach. If she loves you, she is either your girlfriend or sister.  You have to make her think that you are the right man to make her happy.

How do I make a girl like me (what to do and what not to do):

She loves to see herself in the eyes of her lover, a mature person, mind and soul.

Make her feel that you share her fun spirit and don’t ignore her opinion on any topic.

Ask her what qualities she likes and admires, and what she doesn’t.

A girl loves kind talk, start by saying some nice things to compliment her because girls love compliments.

Do not try to buy her love with gifts and money.

Pay attention to your appearance and hygiene.

Talk and share your aim in life with her as well as your hobbies and interests.

Do not get angry and raise your voice at her.  Feelings of anger will generate fear and distance after a while, and her sense of safety and tranquility will change to fear and separation.

Pleasantly surprise her and make her feel special, remember that a girl loves romantic men who remember special occasions. 

Do not be stingy in your feelings towards her, because a girl is always waiting for you to act first, and does not like a man who does not show interest in her, but loves a man who appreciates her and expresses his feelings to her.


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