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How To Tell If A Shy Guy Is Interested




How do you know if a shy guy you like is also interested?  He may not express his affection clearly. He is also secretive and not bold when it comes to getting closer to the girl he likes. For this, it is necessary to pay attention to the most prominent signs a shy guy shows he is interested in getting to know you.

The most prominent signs of a shy guy’s interest:

1 He speaks differently around her than when around friends and family. This means that he is afraid to utter a word that may make her feel embarrassed or annoyed, although when speaking with his friends and family members, he speaks boldly and fluently.

2 He takes time to court the girl and make her feel happy in different ways through jokes, or gently commenting on her appearance from time to time.

3 A shy guy stays silent in many cases, especially while alone with her, while appearing to her that is is confused and quiet. 

4 He listens to what she says with remarkable focus and pays attention to all the details that relate to it. 

5 He uses a friend to act as a mediator and to approach her.

Body Language:

In addition to the visible signs, the shy man may admire a girl and perform some physical movements involuntarily or without even knowing it.

1 Clamps his arms from time to time.

2 Doesn’t look at her face and eyes directly, and avoids it as much as possible.

3. Touches his hair frequently.

4 Moves his feet while sitting.

5 Sweating or showing signs of discomfort through facial features.

6 Observes the girl who he admires whenever the opportunity is available.

Other Important Signs:

Every girl should pay attention to the other signs a shy man shows that are not usually noticed.

1 His keenness to attend every occasion she visits or wherever she goes. This allows him to watch her from a distance and makes him feel safe, especially if she is not talking to any other man.

2 Gradual approach. He might take advantage of some opportunities to talk to her and stand beside her. He may ask her a few brief questions about some of her favorite things to pass the time.

3 Some spontaneous and unintended behavior, such as pouring coffee on the table or on his clothes, for example, hitting a chair while walking, or otherwise. This means he’s feeling shy and confused.

4 Sudden cessations when the girl approaches him. This allows him to observe the way she behaves and speaks, as well as to express silent admiration for her.

6 If he dares to start making phone calls, he will do this via text messages, not through voice. This indicates that he feels shy and is unable to talk to her directly while having a  strong desire not to break the link with her and not to lose her.

7 He seeks to know the interests of the girl and share them with her, though indirectly. In this case, he may join any group activity as soon as he knows that she takes part in it.

8 Takes charge of her defense in all situations and does not allow any other person to offend or disturb her.


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