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Causes Of Negative Thinking: Ways To Get Rid Of It




Most people go through periods of distress and psychological and internal anxiety, and these periods are accompanied by negative and black thoughts, which sometimes lead to catastrophic results, such as mental illness or suicide, and may lead to self-isolation and individual harm, so the reasons for this thinking and the ways to get rid of it must be explained.

Reasons for negative thinking:

Constant criticism; this is one of the most essential things that negatively affect a person. 

Self-isolation, and avoiding the community and surroundings in which increases your fears, and make you think negatively in all areas of life.

Enlarging and amplifying negative things in human personality, focusing on them, and making them a problem. 

The problems and negatives that the individual acquired from childhood remains with him until old age. These cause constant issues and anxiety for some individuals, making him a prisoner of these problems, impeding his thinking about his life and reaching his goals.

The lack of time organization, and the existence of ample free time in the individual; This makes him focus on himself and his problems, and makes him limited minded, and thus will negatively affect the enjoyment, and achievement in life.

Lack of confidence, whether in the self or the capabilities that the individual possesses, this causes internal confusion and dysfunction in thinking, and thus leads to lack of focus.

Accompanying passive people and colleagues is one of the things that increases the negative thinking of the individual and makes him greatly affected because companions in general; influence each other negatively or positively.

Not accepting the advice and fear of criticism, or the notes that are directed against the mistakes of the individual, this matter causes increased sensitivity of every word that is meant in guidance and advice. It thus will make the person live in constant fear and awe of doing new things, or trying to change his life.

Comparing yourself with others, especially those above you; this causes negative and black thoughts about yourself and your abilities and will limit production in your life, whether at home, school, or work.

Poor parenting, and family problems within the family, this generates negative thoughts and makes life dark and dark, especially for children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

The absence of motivation and purpose in a person’s life, his preoccupation with his mistakes and missteps, and focusing on them, and blaming himself for the events.

Follow-up programs and films with negative thoughts, or promoting black ideas in life, as this may negatively affect human thinking, and may cause the individual to imitate them and become a method in his life. It may be challenging to get rid of these thoughts in the future.

Ways to get rid of negative thinking:

Change the environment around your life and try not to think of the bad. 

Focus on the people who bring you comfort and joy and try to go out when you can and socialize to feel secure, and try not to isolate yourself.

Try to relax and accept yourself as you are, and do not exaggerate negative things in your  life, for problems exist for everyone.

Set your own goals and priorities, and think about how you might reach them.

Write and focus on your strengths and the things you enjoy ,as well as trying to develop them.

Help others and provide help to everyone you need. This brings tranquility and inner peace, enhances your positivity and brings happiness.

Ignore any negative thinking that causes stress and anxiety; the easiest way is to forget it, continue your life, and pursue your goals.

Exercise, and relax; and continually experiment with new things, these things bring relief to the soul, relieve you of negativity, and inspire optimism.

Read  books and immerse yourself in whatever interests you, and gain knowledge and experience. Increase your self-confidence and enhance your cognitive abilities, and thereby increase the capacity of your lifestyle and confidence.

Learn a new language. Language opens many doors for you and makes you gain an influential culture and skill.

Try new things to forget the negatives in your life, such as cooking, some arts, sports, and whatever you enjoy. It will open new doors for you to focus on, thus forgetting your negatives, anxieties, and problems.

As we have noted; negative thinking can be changed and turned into positive, but it needs several factors, including the strength of determination, persistence, and self-challenge from an individual who suffers from negative thoughts and psychological anxiety. Do not  give in to the fears you are seeking to overcome.


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