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Reasons For Neglecting Homework




There are many reasons, so it seems, for neglecting homework, which leads to the failure of students to study, as well as makes them desire to replace it with other things, such as video games and social media.

What are the reasons for this?  We determine the causes and also the solutions to the problem of neglecting homework and study.

New Technology:

One of the most important and most dangerous reasons for students’ disregard and neglect of homework is that modern technology that has emerged in the contemporary era, penetrated all homes and managed to control most of the minds of children and youth, with new and entertaining things it offers in all fields. It does everything for them, with no room for boredom. This includes all modern technology, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs.

Social Media

Social media is no less important than technology in that it is one of the most important reasons for students to neglect homework. It is their second world in which they spend most of their time and build their lives in how they imagine and communicate.  It is widespread in media as Facebook and WhatsApp,  Twitter and Instagram; programs that exceed the number of users in the billions.

The Surrounding Environment

The environment in which the individual lives significantly affects his lifestyle, orientations, and way of thinking. Many societies do not give importance to study. Therefore, students have no interest in certain things, such as reading books, and gardening, to name a few. Consequently, the student will move away from such environments.

The Era Of Speed And The Preoccupation Of Parents

There is no doubt that the age in which we live is affecting the elder before the young. Therefore these days parents suffer from the acceleration and preoccupation of life, and the lack of attention to their children and their education. This matter is important for the student; for when he feels that his parents are watching him, he will try to learn.

Change In Education Laws

Previously, the rules of education in the states were strict, and the teacher had absolute powers, as well as prestige and dread. The student feared him more than his family which was an essential factor in teaching the student, while today the teacher has become restricted and limited.

Failure To Organize Time

Today’s students have no concern, and waste time with entertainment. Time is no longer important to them, and this matter has an impact on their desire to learn and fulfill their duties.

No Goal In Life

When you set a goal and a dream in your life, you try in every way to reach that goal. Students in our day no longer have an aim or motivation to achieve, because study is no longer important in life because there are other things that occupy their thinking. A parents role should be to to educate their children to set goals for their lives and try to help them to reach them.

Creating A Virtual World Through The Internet And Moving Away From Reality

Children and teenagers in our time spend most of their time on social media, building their own world. They live within this world they created, which leads to their distance from reality, and thus their neglect to study and do homework; which is no longer one of their priorities.

Impact Of Peers And Friends

A child’s friends and peers, and their influence on each other is among the reasons for students to be too lazy to study.  Parents need to pay attention to the company of their children because they will be influenced and be affected by each other.

In conclusion, it must be remembered that these reasons are not necessarily everything found in neglecting homework and study.  There may be several other reasons and its difference from one student to another. There may be exceptional cases and causes, related to the material and economic situation that compel the child or student to neglect their studies.


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