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The Secrets To Excellence In Studies And Exams




What are the secrets of excellence in studies and exams? Any student can become successful and excel and be one of the best students in the school by using these simple and easy ways to succeed in studies and exams.

  1. The desire to excel: The student must have the desire to be one of the best students in the school. Desire means motivation, otherwise, he may not succeed in achieving distinction among his classmates.
  1. Classification of his subjects to excellence, average and below average: The student must classify his studies and know his strengths and weaknesses. He should distinguish between the subjects in which his level may be excellent, average, or perhaps below average.
  1. Discovering weaknesses : If the student is not proficient in his studies, for example, he should review the lessons at home as well as with the teacher or a tutor. If he doesn’t understand the lessons, the best thing to do in this case is to ask the teacher to take some time to explain it better.

  1. Prepare lessons in advance: If the student wants to improve his performance in the classroom, he should take a look at the upcoming lessons, and try to prepare for them in advance if possible. The student should not worry if he gives the wrong answer during a lesson, the important thing is to participate in the class.
  1. Evaluating the level continuously and making observations: It is useful for the student to assess his level in every exercise and every lesson that he writes, for example: good, medium or below average, to return to it later and improve his weaknesses, according to what the “WikiHow” website says.
  2. Reviewing weaknesses on separate cards: As for learning vocabulary, or any lesson in which the student’s level is average or below, he should write the problems individually on cards and review and repeat them continuously.  Also, he should not wait one day before an exam to begin his studies, but should start well ahead of time.
  1.   Repetition daily: For active learning of vocabulary, for example, the student should learn ten vocabulary words each day and review them so he can remember them.
  1. Learning in a quiet place: While learning, the student should pay attention to being in a calm environment away from music and the like.
  2. An arranged table helps focus: While working on homework, make sure that the student’s desk or table is neat, clean, and free from distractions.
  1. Rest is essential for stimulation and renewal of activity: It is necessary for the student to take rest from time to time while doing homework or while studying something new.

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