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The 5 Most Important Tips To Apply Makeup




Most women try to apply flawless, integrated makeup. But for whatever reason, sometimes perfect makeup does not happen. So, here are the top 5 most popular makeup tips, which are key to getting great long-lasting makeup:

Skin Care
Maintaining a daily skin care routine is one of the most important steps a woman can take to make her skin free from blemishes and imperfections. This in turn reflects on the beauty of the look in general and makeup in particular. Hence, the daily application of a rich, high-quality moisturizer is a must, as it will help your skin to stay dewy and free from cracks that greatly spoil your makeup. While remembering to clean the skin daily, using a lotion appropriate to its type.

Using Eye Drops
Eye drops contain components that constrict blood vessels in the eye. This helps remove redness, and this same principle applies to pimples or any redness of the face. Therefore, you should use eye drops, by applying them on a piece of cotton and wiping the red or  affected area, and it will disappear within a few minutes.

The Primer
Make-up Artists recommend using a primer in peach or apricot color, as it is great for tired, pigmented and colored skin.  It will help to correct skin tone and hide dark spots, especially blue or purple, making it bright and glow.

The Foundation
The way to make your makeup last long, is to apply primer, powder, or foundation. Therefore, first apply the primer, and then use a little bit of transparent powder with a light formula. After that, apply the foundation with Beauty Blender, as it ensures that you cover the entire area of ​​your face and distributes foundation evenly, ensuring perfect coverage of the skin.

Eye Shadow
If you have small eyes, the way to apply eye shadow is the key to making your eyes wider and larger. Avoid using darker shades, and instead use light eye shadows in the corner of the inner eye, and on the corner of the outer eye. Also, work to blend the eye shadow upward at the inner corner of the eye, because that will open the inner part, making it appear larger and wider.

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