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Tips To Apply Soft Evening Makeup




Evening makeup differs from daytime makeup in that it relies on dark colors, shiny bright combinations and mineral grades. However, you can now enjoy beautiful evening makeup while being soft and discreet, without the need to exaggerate the choice of colors and mix them.

The First Step: Preparing The Skin

Before you start applying make-up, you should clean your skin well from dirt and accumulations that may be caused by external factors, through the use of a skin cleanser, it may be in the composition of cream, gel or foam … choose it according to your skin type.

After making sure that your skin is well cleansed, use your moisturizing cream to give it a silky smooth texture. Dry skin prevents you from having a smooth and supple look.

The Second Step: The Primer … The Basic Preparation

Although primer is not an old lotion, it only began to appear in the world of cosmetics just a few years ago. It has been able to prove its effectiveness in improving makeup and its successful application. There are multiple combinations of primer, one of which helps to unify the color of the skin and is suitable for the skin that suffers from the appearance of spots on its surface. A moisturizing formula that is suitable for dry skin, includes the formula that gives the skin radiance and glow and is suitable for different types of skin.

The Third Step: Foundation

While you can dispense with the foundation in day makeup, and adopt a sunblock cream or colored powder in a light formula, evening makeup compels you to use a foundation with a formula that covers the imperfections of the skin and gives you a homogeneous and bright color. After applying the foundation, use a loose powder of transparent color to fix it.

The Fourth Step: Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is the largest part of facial makeup in general, so the focus on highlighting eyes is great. For a smooth and eye-catching eye makeup at the same time, you can just shade metallic or glow in texture, with a touch of black mascara and dispense with eyeliner. This way you make your eye makeup glow without looking strong.

Fifth Step: Blush With A Highlighter Touch

The highlighter is a magic product that increases your radiance. For evening makeup, you can mix pink-wood blush with a little highlighter, or apply blush to the cheekbones and distribute the highlighter to the tips of the eyes, nose, and forehead.

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